Hemp Chips are made by hand, with the best ingredients and with a special flavor, thanks to the aromas, to assimilate the different varieties that are included in the recipe.

The flavors Amnesia and Kush , presented in 2018, were a total success. This 2019 season comes with Volcano OG , a proposal developed on the intense palette of flavors of OG Kush, in which the earthy and astringent flavors stand out.

They will delight the most demanding and daring palates!

Variety Hemp Chips

OFERTA PARTICULARES. #yomequedoencasa

1c con 30 bolsas de las 3 variedades Hemp Chips. Te la traemos a casa por 40€. En casa, mejor con Hemp chips..!!!

Oferta Hemp Chips

Oferta del mes! 3 cajas de chips a un precio único!.

Volcano OG

They express the fusion of slightly spicy Japanese spices, which make them an irresistible bite with an unmistakable OG hue.


A careful selection of aromas, offer this exquisite variety, the unique deep, earthy and thick flavor typical of Kush varieties.


With a primary potato flavor, they incorporate a great aftertaste with the characteristic citric, acid and intense nuances that characterize Amnesia varieties.

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